Arai Profile Okada-Ryu

Published: 05th July 2010
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Have you ever been flying low down the interstate on your motorcycle when suddenly you wonder if you have a helmet on? Conscientious enough not to let go of the handles, the next thing you know you are sitting by the side of the road, hands on your head. Sure enough, there rests the arai profile okada-ryu helmet. You have done exactly what the creators of the motorcycle helmet wanted you to do. Designers strive to make your arai profile bikers helmet fit you so well you will forget you even have a motorcycle helmet on.

The manufacturer's ideology is basic and straight forward, comfort over cosmetics. The arai profile okada-ryu helmets main goal is to enhance the comfort level of the rider, not cosmetic make-up. The motorcycle helmet has a hyper ridge band along the base of the external shell for reinforcement along with adding strength to the shell itself. You might think the arai profile okada-ryu seems a little narrower and a little sleeker than other helmets. If so, you would be right. The design lessens wind resistance and makes the motorcycle helmet aerodynamic by shaping it for less wind resistance. The goal is for the motorcycle enthusiast to be as comfortable with their head turned as they are facing forward.

The arai profile okada-ryu helmet is equipped with a one-piece helmet liner that is easily removed for washing. The vent system is free flowing and has ventilation in the brow of the face shield. Although the arai profile okada-ryu targets comfort for the motorcycle rider the helmet is quite attractive with its ultra sleek design.

The arai profile okada-ryu motorcycle helmet has found a home with the motorcycle accessory dealer called The Helmet Center. The Helmet Center has retail stores located in Phoenix, Arizona and their web site can rapidly be found online at Along with the arai profile okada-ryu helmet, accessories for bike and rider are endless. The prices are reasonable and you feel like you have hit a multi-million dollar lottery when you stumble upon one of their spectacular specials or free shipping offers.

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